We are here to help make your life easier. Here are a few links we think might help you! 

Ray Public School (k12.nd.us) 
Here is the website to our public school. You can find schedules, lunch plans, and any links you need to help you and your kids eduction. 

Home | AgingWellness 
This is a source we were lucky to have introduced to us. Here you can find help planning for retirement or any of your financial needs in connection to retirement or later in life planning. 

Assisted Living Facilities in North Dakota | SeniorHomes.com 
Here is a source that will help in finding the right living situation and appropriate care essential for older adults to thrive. Assisted living facilities can provide support for those who need assistance with daily activities. This guide offers vaulable information on assisted living options in North Dakota, covering costs, payment options, and more.

 Assisted Living for Seniors With Disabilities - Caring.com
This guide details assisted living for seniors with disabilities. It covers costs of assisted living, potential sources of funding, what to look for when choosing a facility and other possible housing solutions. It also lists disability resources for each state.