Service Connect Fee                 $50.00
(Only for new services or reconnection of services)

Water Base $22.50per month
Sewer $29.50 per month
Garbage (Residential) $20.00 per month, $6 per month for each extra tote
Water Usage $8.00 per 1000 gallons/month

COMMERCIAL RATESWater Base      $40.00 to $638.00 (priced by meter size)
Water Usage  $ 8.00 per 1000 gallons / residential    $11.50 per 1,000 gallons commercial
Sewer               $53.00/month  to $845.00 /month  (priced by meter size)
Garbage (Commercial)  (priced by dumpster size)

(The above charges and fees may be changed by resolution, motion and/or ordinance by the Ray City Council at a regular or special meeting.)

After any city services account is delinquent for two (2) months, all city services will be discontinued or disconnected. Fee of $65.00 for shut off and a $65.00 fee to turn water back on -- full payment due and $130.00 shut off/turn on fee, WILL BE paid before service is reinstated. All accounts not paid within 30 days of the billing date will incur a penalty calculated at 1  1/2% of the current charges.

All requested disconnects or suspensions will be in writing (preferably in person at City Hall)where a disconnect/suspend services agreement will be signed and identification of owner is verified.

Please, No suspensions over the phone.